Animal Disease Traceability


USDA has published the new ADT rule. A link to the publication can be found here.
Beginning November 5th, 2024, all official ear tags sold for or applied to cattle and bison MUST be VISUALLY AND ELECTRONICALLY Identifiable.
Below are some additional resources relating the the publication:

Nebraska Department of Agriculture's Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) program protects the health of Nebraska's animal industries by rapidly responding to the threat of disease, increasing revenue potential with foreign markets, and preserving the privacy of the producer.

Premises ID Information
USDA ADT Webpage
Animal Imports
Interstate Livestock
USDA International Pet Travel
Approved Tagging Sites in Nebraska

  • All Data Tags
  • Allflex Livestock Intelligence North America
  • Y-Tex Corporation
  • Z Tags

  • Nebraska Electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
  • Video Walk Through for Nebraska Electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
  • Advancing Animal Disease Traceability Road Map for Nebraska
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