Nebraska Ethanol Board


P.O. Box 94922
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: 402-471-2941
Web Site:
Chair: Jan tenBensel
Administrator: Roger Berry

Established in 1971, the Nebraska Ethanol Board assists ethanol producers with programs and strategies for marketing ethanol and related co-products. The Board supports organizations and policies that advocate the increased use of ethanol fuels and administers public information, education and ethanol-focused research projects. The Nebraska Ethanol Board also assists companies, communities, and organizations in the development of ethanol production facilities in Nebraska. For more information, please visit

Additional Contact Information:

Amber Rucker
Contact Amber for general inquiries, industry statistics, budget and finances, invoice payments, marketing spending, and student internship opportunities.

Jessica Sodeke
Contact Jessica for public information projects, educational and marketing campaigns, media relations and public outreach.

Updated March 2021