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Nebraska Pork Producers Association

4435 O Street, Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68510
Email: nppa@nepork.org
Phone: 888-627-7675
Web Site: www.nepork.org

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association -- a grassroots, incorporated, non-profit organization established in 1961 -- was developed to promote the pork industry through the enhancement of consumer demand, producer education and research.

President: John Csukker
President-Elect: Shana Beattie
Vice President: Jared Lierman
Past President: Tim Chancellor

Executive Director: Al Juhnke
Finance Director: Dee Petersen
Education Director: Kyla Habrock
Domestic Marketing Director: Jane Stone
Allied Industry Services Director: Sandra Kavan

NPPA’s Mission Statement: Serving Nebraska’s Pork Industry – Responsible people. Sustainable pork.
NPPA's Vision Statement: To ensure opportunities for success... for Nebraska’s producers of pork, regardless of size or production style, as well as the state’s youth in the pork industry.

Updated February 2020