Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association


P.O. Box 1066
Chadron, NE 69337
Web Site:
Phone: 308-386-8378
President: Aaron Fintel, President,
Communications Manager: Melissa Nicholson

Our mission at the Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association is to foster, support, protect and promote the best interests of the sheep and goat producers not only in the state of Nebraska but also nationwide.

Originally formed in August of 1979 as the Nebraska Sheep Council; the Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association has matured into what is now Nebraska’s only statewide, nonprofit association to support the interests of both the sheep and goat producers.

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association partners with the American Sheep Industry, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected livestock associations. We also strongly support the American Sheep Industry’s reorganization of the American Goat Federation. These representations shape the direction and national support of our industries as well as Nebraska’s sheep and goat industries.

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Association Board of Directors is composed of nine members, three representatives from each of the three districts. These board members serve as the voice of Nebraska’s 1,600 sheep and goat producers!

We hold many events during the year including clinics, workshops and tastings throughout the state to promote sheep and goat production and consumption. We also send out a bi-monthly newsletter to inform members of various events and utilize social media to educate both consumers and producers alike.

If you’d like to become a member or request more information; please use the contact information listed above!

Updated March 2021