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Tuberculosis Discovered in Wheeler County

  • Press Release: Tuberculosis Discovered in Wheeler County – December 22, 2017

  • NDA Update: Bovine Tuberculosis with Director Steve Wellman - .mp3, .wav
    To air: December 22-31, 2017 (TRT: 2:33)
    • Audio Clips
      • Director Wellman shares about the TB find. (0:42) - .mp3, .wav
      • Director Wellman tells us what a TB means for the producer. (0:33) - .mp3, .wav
      • Director Wellman shares more about bovine TB and the symptoms. (0:22) - .mp3, .wav
      • Director Wellman tells us how to get more information on TB. (0:13) - .mp3, .wav

Information on Bovine Tuberculosis from USDA – APHIS

Bovine Tuberculosis Q&A

Bovine Tuberculosis Prevention and Protecting the Food Supply Q&A

What should I do if I suspect TB in my herd?
If you suspect TB in your herd, you should isolate the affected animal immediately and contact your local veterinarian or the Nebraska Department of Agriculture by calling (402) 471-2351.