Commercial Dog and Cat Inspection Program


Laws and Regulations
Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Act
Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Regulations
Dog and Cat Purchase Protection Act

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program

Who needs to be Licensed? Brochure

New License Applications
*A pre-inspection is required before a new license can be issued.

Information and Forms for Licensees
Emergency Veterinary Care Plan Example
Veterinary Care Plan Example
Record of Acquisition and Disposition Examples

Information on Spaying and Neutering
Spaying and Neutering Information Brochure
To Spay and Neuter: A Good Idea

Information for Counties, Cities or Villages Licensing Dogs or Cats

Map of Inspection Areas

File a Formal Complaint Against an Operation
Call 402-471-6832

Under NDA’s Commercial Dog and Cat Program, inspectors follow state rules and regulations to determine whether animal control facilities, animal rescues, animal shelters, boarding kennels, commercial dog and cat breeders, dealers and pet shops are in compliance with Nebraska’s Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Act. Although the Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Act requires inspections to be conducted at least once every 24 months, most facilities are inspected more frequently. Inspection reports are available here.