Controlled Feedlot Program


To enhance Nebraska's cattle feeding industry, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) is introducing the Approved Controlled Feedlot program.

NDA will immediately begin accepting applications from feedlots that are interested in becoming an Approved Controlled Feedlot. Enclosed, you will find information about the program as well as the application information.

One of the major advantages to becoming an Approved Controlled Feedlot is the ability to waive many of the interstate import requirements for specific diseases. Interstate individual identification requirements must still be met, in accordance with federal requirements under 9 CFR 86 as part of the Animal Disease Traceability Rule.

Feedlots that are designated by NDA as Approved Controlled Feedlots will allow the feedlot cattle to be: (a) confined to a dry lot with destination to slaughter only; or (b) moved to another controlled feedlot; or (c) moved to another destination state, while meeting the destination state's import requirements.

To become an Approved Controlled Feedlot, specific requirements will need to be met, and an inspection of the facility will need to be performed by NDA field personnel. Some of the requirements include record keeping of all cattle brought into and leaving the feedlot, maintenance and regular inspections of fence enclosures, and official individual identification of all cattle, to name a few. Approved Controlled Feedlots can also apply to be an NDA Approved Tagging Site, which is explained in another document. All the requirements will be enforced, and facilities inspected as necessary to check on compliance. Since several contagious disease requirements are waived, all cattle at an Approved Controlled Feedlot are subject to the requirements in the agreement including no allowance to be pastured or grazed.

Approved Controlled Feedlots must also have a Department of Environment and Energy permit in place. Upon successful completion of the inspection and explanation for an Approved Controlled Feedlot, a signature page will be completed by the feedlot personnel, the feedlot veterinarian, NDA and USDA. NDA does not require, but strongly recommends that Approved Controlled Feedlots develop a Secure Beef Supply plan to implement biosecurity in case of a foreign animal disease outbreak in the U.S.

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