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Application / Inspection Areas

No person shall operate an establishment without a valid permit which sets forth the types of operation occurring within the establishment.

Application for a permit can be obtained through the agriculture inspector in your area. An initial inspection of the facility will take place prior to licensing. Please review area map for the inspector in your area.

Each application shall include the applicant's full name and mailing address, the names and addresses of any partners, members, or corporate officers, the name and address of the person authorized by the applicant to receive the notices and orders of the Department as provided in the Nebraska Pure Food Act, whether the applicant is an individual, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or other legal entity, the location and type of proposed establishment or operation, and the signature of the applicant. Application for a permit shall be made prior to the operation of a food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation. The application shall be accompanied by an initial permit fee and an initial inspection fee in the same amount as the annual inspection fee, if inspections are required to be done by the Department. If the food establishment, food processing plant, or salvage operation has been in operation prior to applying for a permit, the applicant shall pay an additional fee of $60.

Permits are to be renewed August 1 of each year, regardless of when the permit was obtained.

The director shall set the initial permit fee and the annual inspection fees on or before July 1 of each fiscal year. The Director may raise or lower the fees each year.

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