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USDA Current Recalls and Alerts
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) lists current food recalls and alerts, including products containing meat.

Recalls Affecting Nebraska Consumers

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Date Recall Type Product
12/31/2020 National Divvies, LLC (Divvies - Vanilla Cupcakes)
12/31/2020 National Lipari Foods (Backroad Country - Spicy Cajun Mix)
12/28/2020 Regional Legendary Baking (French Silk Pie)
12/23/2020 National B&G Foods, Inc (Food Club Garlic Powder)
12/23/2020 National CLS Gourmet CL Saigon Food Company (Various meat products)
12/19/2020 National Perfect Pasta Inc. (Various packages of frozen meat and poultry products)
12/19/2020 National Nestlé Prepared Foods (Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken Meal Products)
12/04/2020 Regional Flowers Foods, Inc. (Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White Bread and Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagels)
12/01/2020 National Maribelle Sweets (Cacao Market MarieBelle - Dark Chocolate Pearls)
11/30/2020 National Hong Thai Foods Corp. (Golden Boy - Custard Muffin Original)
11/25/2020 National Riverside Natural Foods (Good & Gather Banana Chocolate Chip Date & Nut Bar)
11/24/2020 Regional Hy-Vee Inc. (HyVee Short Cuts vegetable mix products)
11/15/2020 National Tucson Tamale Wholesale Co. LLC (Frozen RTE chicken and pork tamale items)
11/11/2020 National Stuffed Foods LLC (Mac & Cheese Bites)
11/06/2020 National Tanimura & Antle Inc. (Single head romaine lettuce)
10/23/2020 National Orca Bay Foods, LLC (Trader Joe's - Gluten Free Battered Halibut)
10/16/2020 National Hadson Toko Trading Co., Inc. (Eishindo - Parsley and Herbes De Provence - Jelly Cups)
10/13/2020 National Red Monkey Foods, Inc. (Cost Plus World Market, Great Value, O Organics, Full Circle - Parsley and Herbes De Provence)
10/02/2020 National Seneca Snack Company (Seneca Cinnamon Apple Chips and Clancy’s Cinnamon Apple Chips)
09/11/2020 National Goodie Girl Tribeca LLC (Goodie Girl GF Magical Animal Crackers)
09/11/2020 Regional Cher-Make Sausage Company (Fully Cooked Meat Sausage Products)
08/26/2020 National B&G Foods (Back to Nature - Organic Rosemary & Olive Oil Stoneground Wheat Crackers
08/26/2020 National Schaws Sauce - Sweet and Sassy Barbecue and Basting Sauce & Sweet with Heat Barbecue and Basting Sauce
08/26/2020 National RIVIANA FOODS INC. (Ronzoni - Smart Taste Extra Wide Noodle)
08/25/2020 Regional Russ Davis Wholesale (Crazy Fresh and Quick & Easy an Unbranded and Bountiful Fresh gift baskets - Peach Salsa and Gift Baskets)
08/25/2020 National Hostess (Raspberry Zingers)
08/24/2020 Regional Frito Lay (Lay's Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips)
08/22/2020 National Prima Wawona (Wawona, Prima, Kroger, Organic Marketside, and Wegmans - assorted peaches, loose and bulk packaged)
08/19/2020 Nationwide HelloFresh (Hello Fresh onions)
08/18/2020 Nationwide Maison Terre (Goldenseal Root Powder)
08/12/2020 Nationwide Kroger (MURRAY'S, JARLSBERG, DELI - Cheese Dip)
08/12/2020 Nationwide Kader Exports pvt. ltd (AQUA STAR RESERVE, CENSEA, FRESH MARKET, and Others - Frozen cooked, peeled and deveined, tail on shrimp)
08/10/2020 Nationwide Progressive Produce LLC (Red and yellow onions)
08/01/2020 Nationwide & Canada Thomson International, Inc. (Red, Yellow, White and Sweet Yellow Onions - various brands/labels) - Outbreak Investigation Update
07/31/2020 Nationwide SmithFoods Inc. - Earth Grown (Vegan Non-Dairy Almond Based Frozen Desserts)
07/28/2020 Nationwide KORE ORGANIC (Watermelon CBD oil tincture)
07/25/2020 Nationwide Wellements (Iron Drops liquid Dietary Supplement and Iron Drops Sample liquid Dietary Supplement)
06/27/2020 Nationwide Fresh Express (Various salad products - various brands/labels) - June 2020 Outbreak Investigation Update
06/23/2020 Nationwide Mount Franklin Foods (7-Select Yogurt Pretzels)
06/13/2020 Nationwide Lakeside Refrigerated Services (Various raw ground beef items - labels vary with either Martketside, Thomas Farms, or Value Pack Fresh)
06/12/2020 Nationwide NOW Health Group, Inc. (Now Real Food - Raw Macadamia Nuts)
05/28/2020 Nationwide Nestle Prepared Foods Company (Lean Cuisine Fettuccini Alfredo Products)
05/04/2020 Nationwide Medifast, Inc., OPTAVIA (Essential Old Fashioned Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal)
05/01/2020 Nationwide Mondelez Global LLC, Nabisco (Ritz crackers)
04/21/2020 Nationwide Ocean Spray (Pink Lite Cranberry Juice Drink)
03/13/2020 Regional AFC Distribution Corp. (Cooked Butterfly Tail-On Whiteleg Shrimp (Sushi Ebi))
03/03/2020 Regional Whole Foods Market (Green Chile Chicken Tamales)
02/20/2020 Nationwide Natural Grocers (Peanut clusters dark chocolate Non GMO)
02/14/2020 Nationwide Annie Chun’s (Japanese-Style Teriyaki Noodle Bowls)
01/21/2020 Nationwide ABH Nature's Products, ABH Pharma,, Inc. (Dietary supplement products)