Food Safety and Consumer Protection

Teresa Curry, Focus Area Administrator

Mission Statement: To implement and enforce the sanitation and quality standards relative to the dairy and food industry through service, education, and regulation. To protect the integrity of commercial measurements through certification of weighing and measuring equipment.

Dairy Inspection conducts on-site inspections of dairy farms, milk haulers, manufacturing plants, and fluid milk bottling plants. This completes a comprehensive inspection program that goes from the farm to the consumer. Both the Grade A program and the manufacturing program are carried on primarily to assure the safe and wholesome supply of dairy products for the consumer.

The purpose of the Nebraska Pure Food Act and the Nebraska Food Code is to safeguard the public health and provide to consumers, food that is safe, unadulterated, and honestly prepared. In 2016, the Nebraska Legislature passed legislation, effective July 21, 2016, to adopt the 2013 Food Code Recommendations of the United States Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration. The Food Code is based on scientifically developed factors focusing on public health and the prevention of foodborne illness.

Consumer Protection conducts evaluations of net quantity and pricing representations of packaged commodities and ensuring that marketing practices provide the ability to make price and quantity comparisons.