Weights and Measures


The Weights and Measures program protects the integrity of commercial measurements through annual certification of weighing and measuring equipment, evaluations of net quantity and pricing representations of packaged commodities and ensuring that marketing practices provide the ability to make price and quantity comparisons.

A staff of fifteen inspectors test nearly 40,000 commercial weighing and measuring units annually that are located in various businesses throughout Nebraska. This includes entities marketing agricultural grain, livestock, agriculture chemicals, fertilizers, and petroleum products, as well as service stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, farmers markets, shipping and freight handling services, hardware stores, construction, ethanol plants, and numerous manufacturing and packaging facilities. Weights and Measures also work with the Nebraska State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Division.

Net Weight verification inspections of consumer packages are completed at retail and wholesale establishments for the purpose of verifying accuracy of the labeled net contents. Commodity labeling and uniform methods of sale inspections are also completed to help ensure the consumer is provided with complete and accurate labeling information. These inspections provide assurances to the consumer that they are receiving accurate net weights and label information to enable the consumer to make quantity and value comparisons.

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