Farmers Market Scale Inspections


Weights and Measures inspectors from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture will be performing farmers market scale inspections. These inspections will be conducted at the Nebraska Standards Laboratory, 3721 W Cuming St, Lincoln, NE 68524 (in the Air Park neighborhood).

Guidelines for Sales at Farmers Markets, Roadside Stands and Other Commercial Outlets

Method of Sale
Meat, fish and poultry Sold by weight only
Loaves of bread Sold by weight only
Rolls, buns, bread sticks, bagels, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and brownies Sold by weight or count
Cakes, pies, and other desserts Sold by weight or size
Pizza (uncooked) Sold by weight
Berries and small fruit Sold by weight or volume*
Flour, corn meal and hominy grits Sold by weight
Coffee (customary trade practice) Sold by weight
Honey, jelly, and jams (customary trade practice) Sold by weight
Tomatoes Sold by weight or count - colume if one peck or more
Cherry tomatoes Sold by weight or volume*
Potatoes Sold by weight, measures, or count
Melons (whole) Sold by weight or count
Candies (customary trade practice) Sold by weights
Individual piece candy Sold by weight or count
Pickles, pickled products (including relishes) Sold by volume
One or two pickles in transparent wrapping Sold by count
* The individual vendors must choose one of these two methods.

Package Labeling Requirements

Standard Packages
The same product and identical quanitities

Signs or individual labels must state:
  • Product identity
  • Meat, fish and poultry
      ○ Identity must be on the package
  • Responsibility statement
      ○ Name and address of producer
  • Quantity
  • Total price (not required)

Random Packages
The same product but various weights

Each package must be labeled with:
  • Product identity
  • Responsibility statement
  • Quantity
  • Price per pound
  • Total price