Nebraska Aerial Pesticide Business License


The Nebraska Pesticide Act requires any company engaged in the aerial application of pesticides to obtain a business license, or, in the case of an individual, to either obtain the business license or work for a company that possesses the business license. The application form for a first-time applicant is at the bottom of this page. Companies or persons with current licenses are sent a renewal notice at the end of each calendar year. Renewal for a current license is not required until operations start the following year, rather than by a specific date.

License Applicant Information
Since this is a business license, NDA must collect relevant business information. The law requires that we collect the names of all officers, partners, and/or owners of the business, and information about the primary applicant or license holder. The law also requires applicants to provide the location of both the primary and secondary points of departure for their aircrafts. Both primary and secondary points of departure can be located outside of the state of Nebraska. All locations, primary and secondary alike, must be identified using one of four methods: the airport locator ID, the physical mailing address, the legal description, or the GPS coordinates for the loading pad. The law does not stipulate exactly where the GPS coordinates are taken, so if that method is used, NDA requires the coordinates be for the location where pesticides are loaded daily.

Nebraska statute requires all State agencies to verify individuals applying for any license with the State to be legal citizens of the United States, or legally present in the country. This law only applies to sole proprietors, so if the applicant for the license is in any way a corporation (Subchapter S, LLC, partnership, etc.), evidence of citizenship for the persons listed on the application is not required.

The aerial business license statute requires the individual or company to possess an FAA Part 137 certification.

Pilots Working for Business License Holder

The aerial pesticide business license statute requires that all aerial applicators applying pesticides in Nebraska either possess the business license or work for/under the license holder's supervision. Licensed businesses are responsible for notifying NDA anytime they bring in a new pilot or aircraft, before the pilot or aircraft begins spray operations. It is important to include the name of the pilot and his or her NDA and FAA license numbers. Notification for aircraft only requires the FAA registration number, not the make, model or color of aircraft.

For questions about the license, contact the NDA Pesticide Program at 402-471-2351.

Aerial Pesticide Business License Application for new licenses only (renewal forms are mailed out to current license holders the last week in December.)

Aerial Pesticide Business License Application - Online
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