Nebraska Pesticide Applicator Testing Sites


For a resident of Nebraska to obtain a new commercial or non-commercial pesticide applicator license, a person needs to do the following:

  • Pass a General Standards (core) exam (60 multiple choice questions, 70% passing)
  • Pass at least one category exam, tied to the sites or pests you will be controlling
  • Complete a license request form
  • Pay the appropriate license fee ($90 for a commercial license)

To register for commercial and noncommercial trainings, click here.
For PRIVATE applicator online training, click here.
For information about Pearson VUE testing, click here.

To prepare for these exams, a person should obtain study manuals through the University of Nebraska Extension at A listing and description of categories can be found at: Categories of Commercial and Noncommercial Pesticide Applicators.

UNL Extension also offers Initial Certification training sessions where videos with a review of training highlights may be viewed prior to taking NDA exams. Please note that exams are based off the content of written manuals and NebGuides, not videos.

Exams taken at UNL Initial Training session and NDA Walk-In testing session are mailed to our offices for grading. Please allow up to 3 weeks for results during the months of February- April as we process exams from across the state.

To check on the status of a pesticide applicator exam, please email and include:

  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of exam
  • Location exam was taken

Once all exams are successfully completed, a billing statement for the license will be issued. An applicator is not considered licensed until all necessary exams are completed and the license fee has been collected and processed.

Licenses expire April 15 of the third year after it is obtained or renewed. Renewal of licenses may be accomplished by:

  • Attending an approved continuing education course which includes updates to both General Standards (core) information and category-specific information.
  • Complete a license request form.
  • Pay the appropriate license fee.


NDA Walk-in Testing Schedule
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (* unless stated otherwise)

* Last exam will be passed out at 2 p.m. (unless marked otherwise) *

Date City Location
5/16/2024LincolnLancaster County Extension Office
5/22/2024ScottsbluffPanhandle Research and Extension Center
5/23/2024Grand IslandCollege Park/Hall County Extension Office
5/23/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
6/5/2024North PlatteWest Central Research and Extension Center
6/6/2024LincolnLancaster County Extention Office
6/13/2024HoldregePhelps County Extension Office
6/13/2024NorfolkMadison County Extention Office
6/20/2024ScottsbluffPanhandle Research and Extension Center
6/20/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
6/20/2024LincolnLancaster County Extention Office
6/27/2024Grand IslandCollege Park/Hall County Extension Office
7/3/2024North PlatteWest Central Research and Extension Center
7/11/2024Grand IslandCollege Park/Hall County Extension Office
7/11/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
7/11/2024NorfolkMadison County Extention Office
7/11/2024LincolnLancaster County Extention Office
7/17/2024ScottsbluffPanhandle Research and Extension Center
7/25/2024LincolnLancaster County Extension Office
7/31/2024North PlatteWest Central Research and Extension Center
8/8/2024Grand IslandCollege Park/Hall County Extension Office
8/8/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
8/8/2024ColumbusPlatte County Extension Office
8/14/2024ScottsbluffPanhandle Research and Extension Center
8/15/2024KearneyBuffalo County Extension Office
8/22/2024HoldregePhelps County Extension Office
8/22/2024LincolnLancaster County Extension Office
8/28/2024North PlatteWest Central Research and Extension Center
9/11/2024ScottsbluffPanhandle Research and Extension Center
9/12/2024Grand IslandCollege Park/Hall County Extension Office
9/12/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
9/12/2024NorfolkMadison County Extension Office
9/19/2024LincolnLancaster County Extension Office
9/25/2024North PlatteWest Central Research and Extension Center
10/3/2024KearneyBuffalo County Extension Office
10/9/2024ScottsbluffPanhandle Research and Extension Center
10/10/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
10/10/2024NorfolkMadison County Extension Office
10/10/2024LincolnLancaster County Extension Office
10/17/2024HoldregePhelps County Extension Office
10/23/2024North PlatteWest Central Research and Extension Center
10/31/2024Grand IslandCollege Park/Hall County Extension Office
11/6/2024ScottsbluffPanhandle Research and Extension Center
11/7/2024LincolnLancaster County Extension Office
11/14/2024KearneyBuffalo County Extension Office
11/14/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
11/14/2024NorfolkMadison County Extension Office
11/18/2024O'NeilHolt County Courthouse
11/20/2024North PlatteWest Central Research and Extension Center
12/5/2024HoldregePhelps County Extension Office
12/5/2024NorfolkMadison County Extension Office
12/5/2024LincolnLancaster County Extension Office
12/10/2024ColumbusPlatte County Extension Office
12/12/2024OmahaDouglas County Extension Office
12/19/2024Grand IslandCollege Park/Hall County Extension Office

To register for all UNL Initial meetings, go to the UNL Pesticide Safety Education Program site. Registration will begin by Jan. 1, 2025.

To register for all other testing opportunities, click the corresponding link in the table above. In addition to the General Standards exam, categories with * at right are available through Pearson VUE testing sites.

At “testing only” sites, only testing is conducted for initial certification, adding categories or recertifying by exam.

Study material for all exams can be purchased from UNL Pesticide Safety Education Program.

Applicator Categories
Applicator Categories
1 Ag Plant*
1A Soil Fumigation
2 Ag Animal
3 Forest
4 Ornamental and Turf*
5 Aquatic
5S Sewer Root (metam sodium)
6 Seed Treatment
7 Right-of-Way*
Applicator Categories
8 Structural Health*
8W Wood Destroying Organism*
9 Public Health*
10 Wood Preservation
11 Structural & Non-soil Fumigation*
12 Aerial*
14 Wildlife Damage Control
15 Regulatory
16 Demonstration/Research

NDA Certification Testing Policies

  • The use of study materials is not allowed while taking the exam.
  • Calculators may be used. However, all iPads, cell phones or similar electronic devices that can store, send, or receive data or images must be turned off, kept in pockets or holsters, and will not be allowed on the tabletop
  • The exams are the property of the State of Nebraska. Removal of exams from examination rooms is prohibited. Copying or reproducing the contents of exams (in whole or in part) is unlawful.
  • Persons with special needs or disabilities should notify NDA of accommodations they may require at least 10 days prior to date of the exam.