Dicamba & Enlist Information


This web page includes the approved labels for the Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) dicamba herbicides, links to dicamba applicator training, NDA Best Management Practices for use of dicamba, and other documents that provide assistance to comply with RUP dicamba labels.

Dicamba applicator training is still required annually and all dicamba applicator training will be offered by the dicamba registrant companies in 2024 (BASF, Bayer or Syngenta). UNL will not offer the training as in past years and NDA is not posting the names of trained applicators on the NDA website. All applicators of restricted use dicamba products must follow the required record keeping as outlined on the restricted dicamba labels, which includes evidence of completed dicamba applicator training. For the restricted dicamba labels approved for 2021 through 2025, NDA will enforce those labels similar to any other restricted use pesticide. Applicators are required to possess proper certification to buy and apply the products, as well as maintain all record keeping required by regulation and listed on the restricted dicamba labels. IMPORTANT: All RUP dicamba labels were cancelled in 2020 and are no longer legal to be used after December 20, 2020. New RUP dicamba labels have new EPA Registration Numbers, and it is a record keeping violation to record incorrect EPA numbers on application records.

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