FieldWatch Registries


The Nebraska Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Program contracts with FieldWatch so this service can be provided to applicators and commercial specialty crop growers and beekeepers, as a way of increasing communication. Please see the ‘quick info for applicators’ and consider registering as an applicator to gain full benefit of this service.

fieldwatch  FieldCheck for Applicators
  • Quick Info for Applicators
  • FREE FieldWatch Registration for FieldCheck App and/or Email Alerts
    • NEW! With FieldCheck registration, you will also see the new SeedFieldCheck sites for detasseling crews. Details can be found here.
    • How to create an applicator account - FieldCheck User Guide
  • DriftWatch/BeeCheck Map
  • Mobile App for Applicators

    The FieldCheck app allows pesticide applicators to easily locate specialty crop and beehives from their mobile device or tablet. Information about a desired location can be obtained by entering an address or through GPS. Applicators can specify which counties they want to receive alerts for when signing up, and the private annotations you make on your web account (DriftWatch) will show up on the FieldCheck mobile app.

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FieldWatchMap Dec 2022
Driftwatch  DriftWatch Registry for Commercial Specialty                Crop Growers

          (who sell a portion of their crop)   

Beecheck  BeeCheck Registry for Beekeepers

        (who sell a portion of their crop or have at least 5 hives) 

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