Nebraska State Management Plan (SMP) for Pesticides and Water Resources


This SMP policy document outlines the Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s (NDA) vision for engaging stakeholders to address water quality problems involving pesticides, and serves as a template for the information and process needed to develop product-specific pesticide management plans (PMPs). As outlined in the plan, a PMP Advisory Committee could be created that would provide input and recommendations to the Director of Agriculture on steps to reduce impacts of pesticides on water quality.

Topics considered in this document include:

  • Rationale and Goals for Protecting Water Resources
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Resource Assessment and Planning
  • Monitoring Strategy
  • Prevention Activities
  • Detection Response
  • Enforcement Mechanisms
  • Public Awareness and Involvement
  • Records and Reports<

This draft plan reflects edits and changes considered during a public comment period which ended February 12, 2015.  The next step is to initiate steps for meeting with the SMP Committee as described in Component 2 of this document.  Please stay tuned to this web site and other media for updates on this process.

Draft State Management Plan (SMP) for Pesticides and Water Resources

Past Efforts leading up to the SMP
In 1997, NDA completed Nebraska's Generic State Management Plan for Pesticides and Groundwater. The Plan was a cooperative effort between NDA and other state, federal, and local agencies. This document provides background information on EPA’s activities at the national level at the time.