Requesting a Reciprocal Pesticide Applicator License from Nebraska

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Policy Statement

All individuals who use the following pesticides in Nebraska must hold a pesticide applicator license issued from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA):

  • Restricted-use pesticides (RUPs)
  • General-use pesticides (GUPs) for commercial ornamental and turf or structural pest control
  • Any registered pesticide for mosquito control on behalf of a political subdivision of the state
Uses of a pesticide which would require a license includes tasks such as:
  • Handling open containers*
  • Mixing/loading*
  • Making an application
  • Adjusting or cleaning equipment
  • Triple-rinsing containers
  • Monitoring air after a fumigation
  • Removing fumigation seals
    *unless NDA-approved mixer/loader training has been completed
Persons who live outside of Nebraska may obtain a license from NDA, without taking NDA exams, if they hold valid credentials from a state, agency, or tribe that NDA has a reciprocal agreement with. NDA has developed reciprocal agreements with several states based upon similar competency standards shared by the partnering states. Some agreements cover commercial, non-commercial, and private applicators. Other agreements do not include private applicators. Some agreements are limited to only one or a few commercial categories.

Eligibility, for individuals holding licenses from states/agencies, other than those NDA has formed reciprocal agreements with, will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

A person requesting a reciprocal license from Nebraska must have successfully completed all certification requirements (exams and/or recertification training) in the state whose license will be the basis for a reciprocal license.

To become licensed in Nebraska through a reciprocal agreement, an individual must:

  • Be a non-resident of Nebraska who resides in and currently holds a pesticide applicator license from a state Nebraska reciprocates with;
  • Complete an NDA reciprocal license request form;
  • Provide evidence of residency in a state other than Nebraska;
  • Provide a photocopy of their current license, showing all categories held;
  • Provide a photocopy of a valid government issued identification card;
  • Appoint a Resident Agent who may be served in the event a lawsuit is filed against the applicator for violation of Nebraska laws and regulations;
  • Provide a photocopy of their FAA commercial pilots license (pilots only); and
  • Provide proof of aerial safety training within the last three years(pilots only) by:
    1. Attending a National Agricultural Aviation Association’s (NAAA) Professional Aerial Applicator’s Support (PAASS) meeting
    2. OR
    3. Taking your home state’s aerial exam
  • Pay the appropriate license fee.
If your license has been cancelled or suspended by the issuing state within the past three years, NDA will not issue a reciprocal license.

At this time, Nebraska law does not require proof of insurance or proof of financial responsibility from those requesting a reciprocal license.

NDA does not issue business licenses, except for commercial ag pilots. All pesticide applicator licenses for ag pilots must be tied to a specific business license. All aerial points of departure must be identified.

NDA does not issue apprentice level licenses. All licenses issued by Nebraska allow a person to both use RUP products and supervise their use. The Nebraska Pesticide Act does allow a person to use pesticides under the direct supervision of a fully licensed individual for 60 days (once-in-a-lifetime). The unlicensed person must request this status from NDA, providing the name and license number of the qualified supervisor. The supervisor must provide training and keep records of the training conducted. For additional information, please refer to NDA brochure entitled, "The 60-Day Rule."

NDA's commercial/non-commercial pesticide applicator categories are:

1 Ag Plant
1a Soil Fumigation
2 Ag Animal
3 Forest Pest Control
4 Ornamental & Turf
5 Aquatic pest control
5S Sewer Root Control
6 Seed Treatment
7 Right-of-Way
8 Structural
8W Wood Destroying Organisms
9 Public Health
10 Wood Preservation
11 Fumigation
12 Aerial
14 Wildlife Damage Control
D/R Demonstration & Research
REG Regulatory pest control
An application form for a reciprocal license may be printed here.

A chart which compares the commercial categories of Nebraska with reciprocating states can be viewed here.

Requests for reciprocal licenses may be faxed to NDA at 402-471-6892.

To renew a NDA reciprocal license, first complete all requirements for renewing your license from your state of residency then based on that license, go through the same process as you did for your initial reciprocal license from Nebraska. It is your responsibility to notify us for renewal of your license.

Individuals who move to Nebraska after having been issued a reciprocal license must take and pass the required NDA exams to convert their license to a full Nebraska license.

For additional information about Nebraska pesticide certification program, refer here, or call 402-471-2351.

Private Applicators

Persons who reside in Iowa, South Dakota, or Wyoming who own or rent ground in Nebraska for farming may apply RUPs on those sites using a private applicator license issued from their state of residence.

Persons who reside in Colorado, Kansas, or Missouri who own or rent ground in Nebraska for farming must request a private applicator license from NDA. Simply complete an NDA license request form and submit with a photocopy of your private applicator license from your state of residence and the required $25 licensing fee.