How Can I Help Prevent the Spread of EAB?

  • Don't move firewood
    Many insects and diseases can be spread on firewood. These include emerald ash borer, Gypsy Moth, Sirex Woodwasp, and Sudden Oak Death. Buy locally grown and harvested firewood for home use. When you camp, buy firewood at your destination.
  • Purchase only certified nursery stock from licensed and inspected nursery firms.
    Nebraska's Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act requires any person distributing nursery stock must be licensed by the state. This helps ensure that injurious plant pests are not being distributed on nursery stock.
  • Report suspect quarantine violations
    If you suspect that the Federal EAB quarantine has been violated, contact the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at 402-471-2351. Potential violations include the movement of uncertified hardwood firewood or ash nursery stock from infested states.
Think you have found EAB in Nebraska?
If you suspect you have found an EAB infestation in Nebraska, please contact the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at 402-471-2351, the Nebraska Forest Service at (402) 472-2944 or your local USDA office at (402) 434-2345.