Hay and Forage Hotline


The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has opened a "Hay and Forage Hotline," to connect buyers with sellers of hay, pasture and other types of forage. This Hotline service is available to all buyers and sellers for free. The Department is providing this information as it has been given to us; listing of individual names does not in any way constitute an endorsement of anyone or their respective product. The Hotline is merely designed to be a clearinghouse of information for producers in need.

The hotline number is 402-471-4876. Sellers of available hay and forage can contact this number and have their name, contact information, and inventory placed on the "Sellers List," which is updated regularly. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture will then make the "Sellers List" available to buyers by mail or by this web site. Once buyers obtain this information they will be responsible for contacting the sellers directly to negotiate any transactions.

In order to help ensure that the sellers list contains accurate, up-to-date information, sellers are encouraged to call the hotline number if they no longer have hay or forage available or if they would like to update their posting. However, postings older than one year will be removed automatically. Once a posting has been removed for this reason, sellers can call the hotline and re-enter their posting with any updated information. Please contact the Nebraska Department of Agriculture if you have any questions.

Additional Resources

Hay Hauling Permit Info
The Nebraska Department of Transportation has posted information on its web site to address questions related to the hauling of hay in and through Nebraska. This information can be found at: http://dot.nebraska.gov/business-center/permits/hay-harvest/.