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Staff Directory


Nebraska Department of Agriculture
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 94947
Lincoln, NE 68509-4947

Administration - 402-471-2341
Ag Promotion and Development - 402-471-4876
Animal and Plant Health Protection - 402-471-2351
Food Safety and Consumer Protection - 402-471-3422
Laboratory - 402-471-2176

Data Center
Name Email Address
Dale Fangmeier dale.fangmeier@nebraska.gov
Greg Henn greg.henn@nebraska.gov
Linda Taylor linda.taylor@nebraska.gov
Finance and Personnel
Name Email Address
Ashley Bonebright ashley.bonebrigh@nebraska.gov
Susan Brinkman susan.brinkman@nebraska.gov
Matthew Caddy matthew.caddy@nebraska.gov
Katie Harders katie.harders@nebraska.gov
Shelby Mikulak shelby.mikulak@nebraska.gov
Bailey Reisdorff bailey.reisdorff@nebraska.gov
Patty Richard patty.richard@nebraska.gov
Renee Tichota renee.tichota@nebraska.gov
Name Email Address
Laura Field laura.field@nebraska.gov
Patricia Moock patricia.moock@nebraska.gov
Ag Promotion and Development
Name Email Address
Karla Bahm karla.bahm@nebraska.gov
Casey Foster casey.foster@nebraska.gov
Joline Gordon joline.gordon@nebraska.gov
Nicole Ramirez nicole.ramirez@nebraska.gov
Steve Roth steve.roth@nebraska.gov
Jordan Schlake jordan.schlake@nebraska.gov
Dianna Seiffert dianna.seiffert@nebraska.gov
Animal and Plant Health Protection
Focus Area Administrator: Tammy Zimmerman
Animal Health
Plant Health
Food Safety and Consumer Protection
Focus Area Administrator: Teresa Curry
Name Email Address
Mike Backhuus mike.backhuus@nebraska.gov
Randy Chloupek randy.chloupek@nebraska.gov
Ted Kinnison ted.kinnison@nebraska.gov
Weights and Measures
Focus Area Administrator: Erik Pearson