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Nebraska agriculture is diverse with an abundance of natural resources. The landscape varies from large pastures dotted with cattle, to miles of rolling hills bursting with a wide variety of crops, and everything in-between. While Nebraska has everything needed to support all types of agriculture, many would say the state’s most important asset is its people.

With monikers like the Cornhuskers and The Beef State, Nebraska is certainly famous for its production corn and cattle, but that’s not all. Featuring a diversity of soil types and large differences in elevation and precipitation levels, Nebraska also leads the way in the production of a wide variety of many other crops and livestock. It is a national leader in producing soybeans, wheat, dry edible beans, pork, grain sorghum, popcorn and eggs.

As a major agricultural producing state with a population of fewer than 2 million people, selling the state’s agricultural products throughout the United States and around the world is vital to Nebraska’s agricultural success. Nebraska exported $5.79 billion in agricultural products in 2019 led by soybeans, beef, corn, pork, and wheat with the state’s top customers including Japan, Mexico, China, South Korea, Canada, the EU, Taiwan, and Colombia.

As the third-largest US producer of corn, Nebraska is also a top exporter of corn-derived ethanol, livestock feeds like distillers grains and corn gluten meal, and sugars and sweeteners. In addition, Nebraska is a producer of some of the highest quality beef cattle and hog genetics in the world with the state’s genetics being exported and used worldwide, especially to Latin America and Europe.