Livestock Siting Assessment Matrix

Assessment Matrix

Download the Nebraska Livestock Siting Assessment Matrix (.xlsx)
This Excel file includes the matrix and additional information regarding separation distances, wind roses, definitions and animal units.

In 2015 the Nebraska Legislature passed LB 106, legislation regarding responsible livestock development in Nebraska. The law directed the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to create and consult with a committee of experts to develop an assessment matrix for livestock development. The matrix is a practical tool for county officials to use to help determine whether to approve a conditional use permit or special exception application. It produces quantifiable results based on the scoring of objective criteria according to an established value scale.

In developing the matrix, the Department and the Matrix Committee considered criteria based on public health and safety, practicality, cost effectiveness, objectivity, science, the growth and viability of animal agriculture in Nebraska, balancing the economic vitality of farm operations with protecting natural resources and other community interests.

Advisory committee members were appointed in October 2015 and include representation from county officials, the livestock industry and the University of Nebraska. The committee convened multiple times over the course of several months to review information about matrices and similar tools already in use and to develop recommendations for a matrix to be offered to Nebraska counties.

The published matrix is available for download and use. Please note the supporting documents also available for download to aid in the utilization of the matrix.

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