The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) encourages and promotes the interests of agriculture through advocacy and education. In addition, NDA regulates the agriculture industry to ensure the health and safety of all Nebraskans.

NDA focuses its efforts on these three areas:

It takes a team effort to effectively serve the citizens of Nebraska. NDA employees working directly in these three core focus areas are supported by shared services. This includes laboratory personnel, as well as those who provide investigative, administrative, communications, legal, technology and budgetary services.

Through this work, NDA supports you in your everyday life, supports farmers, ranchers and the agriculture industry, and supports the state of Nebraska.


Ag Promotion and Development
  • Promoting and facilitating the sale of Nebraska agricultural goods to the state, nation and world.
  • Helping the next generation of farmers get started, and working with farmers to maintain their operations.
  • Teaching people about the work of farmers and ranchers, and emphasizing the important role of farming and ranching in Nebraska’s economy.
  • Providing marketing and industry support to farmers and ranchers through education and information sharing.

Programs: Farmers Market Nutrition Programs; NextGen Beginning Farmer Program; Negotiations Farm Mediation; Nebraska Our Best to You; Proud to Buy Nebraska; Domestic and International Trade; Poultry and Egg; Potato Development; Promotional Directories; Livestock Friendly County Program; Specialty Crop Block Grant Program


Animal and Plant Health Protection
  • Monitoring the health of livestock and poultry through disease eradication and control programs.
  • Enforcing import regulations so only healthy animals enter the state, which protects Nebraska’s animal population.
  • Protecting animals, people and the environment by educating and licensing those who manufacture feed for livestock and apply chemicals to crops.
  • Enforcing regulations covering the application of pesticides including everything from home lawns to crops.
  • Surveying for, and if found, helping eradicate pests and weeds that can devalue or destroy crops, nursery plants and forests.

Programs: Commercial Dog and Cat Inspection Program; Noxious Weed Program; Animal Import Orders; Commercial and Private Pesticide Applicators Licensing; Entomology; Avian Influenza Prevention; BSE Prevention; Feed and Fertilizer Licensing; Rendering


Food Safety and Consumer Protection
  • Inspecting restaurants, grocery stores and other food establishments, such as bakeries and food processors, for sanitary conditions and food safety practices.
  • Checking the accuracy of commercial weighing and measuring devices, including fuel pumps at gas stations, scales in grocery stores and measuring devices in home improvement stores.
  • Testing milk for quality at the farm, in transit, and at the manufacturing plant, ensuring finished dairy products are fresh and safe to consume.
  • Providing assistance in proper disposal of foods damaged in disasters such as tornadoes, floods and fires.

Programs: Food Establishment Licensing and Inspection; Dairy Licensing and Inspection; Inspection and Licensing of Weighing and Measuring Devices