Healthy Soils Task Force


LB243, passed by the Nebraska Legislature in 2019 and signed into law by Gov. Pete Ricketts, created the Healthy Soils Task Force. The Task Force is comprised of 15 members who are appointed by the Governor and represent the following: Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Nebraska Natural Resource Districts, production agriculture, agribusiness, academia, and environmental organizations. In addition, representatives from the Legislatures’ Agriculture Committee and Natural Resources Committee serve on the Task Force as non-voting, ex-officio members.

The Task Force is primarily responsible for developing a comprehensive healthy soils initiative and action plan. The plan must be submitted to the Nebraska Legislature on or before January 1, 2021, at which time the Task Force will be terminated.

Task Force Members
Jerry Allemann, Wayne
Rich Bartek, Ithaca
Keith Berns, Bladen (Chair)
Bob Bettger, Fairmont
Hannah Birge, Omaha
Ron Bolze, Chadron
Senator Tim Gragert, Lincoln
Lisa Lunz, Wakefield
Mike McDonald, Palmyra
Nathan Pflueger, York
Charles Shapiro, Wayne
Senator Julie Slama, Lincoln
Jeff Steffen, Crofton
Steven Tucker, Venango
Ray Ward, Kearney
Steve Wellman, Lincoln
Greg Whitmore, Shelby

Nebraska Healthy Soils Task Force Report
Download the Nebraska Healthy Soils Task Force Report here.

Click on the headings to view meeting documents.

  1. Education Committee Activities Summary (.pptx)
  2. Economics Committee PowerPoint (.pptx)
  3. Ecosystems Committee Report (draft) (.pdf)
  4. Initiative Committee meeting minutes (.pptx)
  5. Initiative Subcommittee report (.pdf)
  6. New York healthy soils initiatives/proposals (.pdf)
  7. South Dakota healthy soils initiatives/proposals (.pdf)