Homeland Security


The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) has designated the safety and security of agriculture as high priority. NDA continues in these efforts by:

  • Working with State and Federal partners to implement a State Homeland Security Plan which interfaces with national initiatives.
  • Working with the partnering state and federal agencies to ensure an effective/efficient emergency response in food and agriculture.
  • Maintaining a statewide Livestock Emergency Disease Response System (LEDRS), comprised of private, state and federal practitioners, university extension educators, and government regulatory staff.
  • Providing statewide training to county officials and emergency managers concerning agricultural emergencies and related responses.
  • Exercising plans to determine effectiveness.

NDA is determined to be prepared to provide necessary guidance, training and leadership to protect Nebraska's number one industry, agriculture.

Agricultural Emergency Contacts/Emergency Conditions to be Reported    
Monograph No. 001 - Traffic Control Agricultural Response doc pdf
Monograph No. 002 - Catastrophic Mortality and Associated Material Disposal doc pdf
Monograph No. 003 - Temporary Housing and Care for Livestock and Poultry doc pdf
Monograph No. 004 - Cleaning and Disinfection doc pdf
Monograph No. 005 - Continuity of Services doc pdf

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