Commodity and Trade Profiles


The Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s Commodity and Trade Profiles highlight statewide production and exports and how trade ultimately brings value to every county in the state. Nebraska’s position as a national leader in crop and livestock production, as well as the presence of processors and other businesses that add value to those commodities, play a vital role in the economic health of Nebraska’s communities, both rural and urban.

Nebraska Ag Products
Commodity Profiles
  • Beef (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Corn (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Dairy (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Dry Edible Beans (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Ethanol (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Pork (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Sorghum (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Soybeans (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023
  • Wheat (PDF, JPG)  Updated February 2023

Trade Profiles
  • Nebraska Ag Products (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • Canada (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • China & Hong Kong (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • European Union (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • Japan (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • Mexico (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • USMCA (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • South Korea (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • Taiwan (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022
  • Vietnam (PDF, JPG)  Updated April 2022