Plant Health Licensing, Permits & Registrations

Aerial Pesticide Buinesss License Application FOR NEW LICENSES - Page 1 (Online, Print)
Current license holders must submit a renewal form with payment. Renewal forms are mailed to current license holders the last week in December. For questions, contact Tim Creger at 402-471-6882.
Aerial Pesticide Business License - Page 2
Application for a Nursery Stock Distributor License
Buffer Strip Program
European Corn Borer Certification License Application (Online, Print)
European Corn Borer Certificates Order Form (Online, Print)
Exemption from License to Distribute Pesticides
Export Certificate Application (Federal Phytosanitary Certificate)
Export Certificate Application (State Phytosanitary Certificate)
Firm Registration for Commercial Feeds, Commercial Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners, and Agriculture Liming Materials (Online, Print)
Growing Season Inspection Pertaining to Export Certification
Hemp - Approved Testing Facility Application
Hemp - Bill of Lading
Hemp - Broker Application
Hemp - Cultivator License (Guidance, Application)
Hemp - Harvest Notification Report
Hemp - Post-Planting Site Report
Hemp - Processor-Handler License (Guidance, Application)
Hemp - Site Modification Request
Hemp - Voluntary Destruction Report
Label Submission Form for Commercial Fertilizer
Permit to Sell Agricultural, Vegetable, and/or Flower (Wildflower) Seeds (Online, Print)
Pesticide Dealer License / License to Distribute Pesticides (Online, Print)
Pesticide Product Registration (Online, Print)
Pesticide Product Renewal
Registration of Agricultural Liming Materials
Registration of Soil Conditioner
Reciprocal Pesticide Applicator's License Request Form
Special Local Need Pesticide Registration / Section 24(c) Request Checklist
Treatment Verification Form for Export Certification
Verification of Training Form for 60-day Exemptions
Weeds of the Great Plains - Order Form  |  Order Online
60-Day Exemption From Licensing Request Form